Your tenacity in pursuing candidates, the thoroughness of your reference and work experience checks, and your patience in seeking out only the most qualified candidates separates you from the other retained search firms with whom I have worked.

Peter Bransfield
Former President

Jim Gilreath has delivered on multiple occasions in finding high quality, senior level executives for our searches. He has succeeded in placing candidates that can assimilate into unique cultures or relocate to sub-optimal locations. We particularly appreciate the thorough level of diligence he provides on recommended candidates and his intangible knack for assessing the soft issues that make or break a search.

Carlo A. voSchroeter
Managing Partner

Metapoint Partners has had a relationship with Jim Gilreath for more than 17 years. We have never experienced anyone who does a more thorough and complete evaluation of candidates. Gilreath Consultancy has handled 24 searches for Metapoint Partners. We are happy to recommend his services without reservation.

Keith C. Shaughnessy
Chairman and CEO

I have first hand experience with many headhunters, including "name" firms. I have found the work that Jim does is head and shoulders above the industry norm.Such thoroughness is refreshing to find in an industry filled with "deal" and "relationship" recruiters.

Raynard D. Benvenuti
Managing Director

In all my years of corporate consulting, I have yet to meet an executive search professional with greater integrity, diligence, or expertise than Jim Gilreath. Jim understands that every new hire ultimately contributes either to moving a business forward or holding it back.

David Pellegrini, Ph.D.

Superwinch, Inc. retained Gilreath Consultancy to assist the shareholders in hiring a qualified "skin in the game" President and CEO to help lead the company to its profitable global potential. Thanks to Gilreath Consultancy's thorough due diligence process and Jim Gilreath's understanding of our company's situation and the kind of leadership qualifications we were seeking both technically and interpersonally, Ned Cunningham, Superwinch, Inc.'s new President and CEO began employment with us in October 9, 2007 barely one month later.

Ian Dodds

I had the pleasure of working with James Gilreath and Gilreath Consultancy while seeking a new CEO for one of the Watermill Ventures portfolio companies.In today's market it is a challenge to find the right leader for a company. Partnering with Gilreath to meet this challenge resulted in the successful placement of a CEO and leader for our organization.

Steve E. Karol
Managing Partner

Gilreath Consultancy has many years experience in matching up high performance individuals with high performance opportunities. Jim's process is extremely thorough for both the client and the prospective candidates. It ensures that the clients understand the candidates, the candidates understand the opportunity and both understand what is required for success.This ensures satisfaction on both sides of the hiring process.I know because I am such a satisfied customer as both a candidate and a client.

Gregory J. Biederman
President and CEO

The strength of a Gilreath Consultancy search is in the defined process they use to assure a good match between the private equity company's desires, the portfolio company's needs and the candidate. As a placed CEO, Jim did a great job in making sure that my experiences and professional strengths were the right matches for Roscoe Medical.

Paul J. Guth
President and CEO

Expert insights gained from years of successful experience make "Skin in the Game" the absolute go-to resource for middle-market PE firms, C-suite executives and others looking for the right fit, the right partnership and the right investment.

Gary A. LaBranche
President & CEO
Association for Corporate Growth

Jim Gilreath sets a very high benchmark for retained recruiters hiring C level executives. I learned this as a candidate when I was hired as CEO by one of his private equity clients. Jim works to really know the human being behind the titles and marketing. In his process of revealing me from youth, through the formative years and education; to reasons behind career choices and decisions; we both learned a lot about me. He is a consummate professional and a pleasure with whom to work.

Bob McKinley
Former CEO & President
Sidump'r Trailer Company

I have been through the Gilreath due diligence process twice. The thoroughness of the process impressed me as a candidate. Doing the biography that Jim calls the "Indiana Jones" provided me with an opportunity to summarize my career in the most advantageous light; answering the detailed questionnaire Jim put together about the position I was being considered for was a great help in preparing for the in-person interview. Several of my references commented about how in-depth the reference checking process was (the most in-depth that any of that had ever encountered). From the candidate's perspective, this meant that there would be

Wayne D. Pedlar
Former General Manager
Tower Industries, Inc.

As a CEO hire and beneficiary of Gilreath Consultancy services. I have never participated in a more comprehensive or thorough vetting process. At the end of the day, both the candidate and company will have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Timothy L. Friedel
President & CEO
Stone Panels,Inc.

In the future, I won't hesitate to call as rarely have I been so impressed with the thoroughness and quality of work from an outside consultant. Once again, thanks for a job well done. I can't believe that I actually did hire the first guy that I spoke to.

Larry J. Franklin
Franklin Sports

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