Skin in the Game

This book is the definitive resource to learn the tricks of the trade, potential pitfalls in the hiring process and how to conduct an effective skin in the game C-Suite job search. Skin in the Game Hiring is about middle market private equity hiring of C-Suite executives, coupled with the author’s unique due diligence screening process.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • Examples of hires who earned millions
  • The difference between a stakeholder and a hired hand
  • Writing an incredible Bio and elevator pitch
  • Finding private equity investors that fit your profile
  • Secrets of hiring effective C-level employees
  • Sample job offers and bonus materials

The award winning author has 28 years of placing CEOs and other C-level executives in middle market portfolio companies for private equity firms. Skin in the Game Hiring is an essential read for M&A industry professionals, C-Suite executive job seekers, middle market private equity partners, headhunters, HR executives, MBA students and corporate hiring authorities.


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