My Proven Advice to CEOs

Be prepared to invest up to $100K of your own money in the stock of the portfolio company you join to help grow. If you and the Private Equity Partner feel you are a solid fit for this C-Level hire, $50k-$60K investment might be allowed if that amount helps you out. Don’t depend on experienced […]


Networking for a Skin in the Game Job Search

The Association for Corporate Growth is based in Chicago, and is dedicated to sound corporate growth. Founded in 1954, ACG is a global organization with fifty-six chapters and over 14,000 members. Doing business is at the heart of the ACG membership experience. Chapters in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia bring dealmakers together to help […]


Reducing Risks when Working with Virgin CEOs

Diana, Princess of Wales, was a naïve young woman with no practical understanding about day-to-day life as a member of the Royal Family. Her mother-in-law encouraged Diana to consider her a mentor in adjusting to the dynamics of being a Royal. But the Queen could hardly be a dispassionate mentor on how to manage the […]


Become an Evidential Job Candidate

For non-branded C-Suite job hunters (CEO-CFO-COO-CS&MO), their job search efforts require taking nothing for granted. I know what challenges are involved because, for years I was a non-branded headhunter myself. What do I mean by non-branded C-Suite job hunters? These are proven professional achievers in their job functions whose under graduate degrees were earned at a […]



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