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Skin in the Game

Since 1986, Gilreath Consultancy has helped clients hire “skin-in-the-game” executives for their small to medium-sized portfolio companies in virtually all industries from New England to Texas.We have represented startups, fast growing, newly acquired, newly divested, rollups, turnarounds, consolidations, and Chapter 11s. In recent years, our firm has completed search assignments for private equity investors, owner managers, and boards of directors of closely held, small and middle market, diverse companies with sales from $2-$100 million.

As the firm’s president, Jim Gilreath has over 40 years of national executive recruitment experience.

Our private equity clients are straightforward, have a track record of making money on their acquisitions and allow each of their portfolio company management teams to co-invest with them and earn additional equity through attractive stock option programs.

Besides earning “sweat equity”, our hired CEOs and their key direct reports purchase equity in the portfolio companies which they have been hired to profitably grow.

Confidential Search

When acquiring middle market companies with upside potential for their portfolios, investors perform considerable “due diligence” and rely on experienced specialists like intermediaries to improve their odds for successful acquisitions. Most prefer companies with strong management teams, but whenever their acquisitions need replacement CEOs, investors should rely on experienced “due diligence” search firms like Gilreath Consultancy.

We work closely with investment firm partners and companies’ boards of directors managing all search details from spec taking to offer acceptance. Clients, candidates, and their references deal directly with us on a completely confidential basis.

Our consultative approach helps clients avoid making “bad hires.” We courteously handle any candidate referrals made directly to our clients from their trusted sources. The rigorous screening process we use including extensive reference checks eliminates dishonest candidates. Our referred candidates include currently employed top performers. The informative, detailed client and candidate information packages we provide lead to “no surprise,” lasting hires. We never conduct search assignments on a contingency fee basis.

The average length of time to complete a typical executive search assignment is 11-13 weeks. We usually take the first month to generate a strong candidate slate from a dozen contenders and the second month to complete our due diligence process on the top 3-4 candidates and begin referring candidate binders to the client; candidates are interviewed during the third month and an offer is accepted by the end of the third month.


Gilreath Consultancy specializes in “skin-in-the-game” CEO hiring assistance for middle market private equity investors.

These businesses have been acquired to be grown for eventual profitable sale to either a strategic or financial buyer typically for a substantial profit shared by all the stockholders.

Candidates never pay our fees. All of our search assignments are conducted on a retained, exclusive, contractual basis with our fees paid by our clients. We never work on a contingency fee basis.

Our search assignments specifically require that the hired CEO invest in the stock of the portfolio company that she/he will be joining and helping to profitably grow.

Gilreath Consultancy does not receive any percentage of your equity investment amount. That is a transaction between you and the client.

Consultation services, including confidential reference checking of your own executive candidate prospects, are available for all aspects of our CEO hiring strategies and processes on a project rate, per diem, or hourly charge basis.


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