Skin in the Game

This book is the definitive resource to learn the tricks of the trade, potential pitfalls in the hiring process and how to conduct an effective skin in the game C-Suite job search. Skin in the Game Hiring is about middle market private equity hiring of C-Suite executives, coupled with the author’s unique due diligence screening process. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • Examples of hires who earned millions
  • The difference between a stakeholder and a hired hand
  • Writing an incredible Bio and elevator pitch
  • Finding private equity investors that fit your profile
  • Secrets of hiring effective C-level employees
  • Sample job offers and bonus materials

Available in three formats: hardcover (with personalized autograph from Jim), paperback (with personalized autograph from Jim) and 9-disc retail CD audiobook

Skin In The Game: No Longer Just An Employee


Gilreath Coach offers:


Jim works with middle market company hiring authorities on their C-Level hiring strategies and implementation of Jim’s proven successful vetting and hiring system.  This incorporates job descriptions, where to source qualified candidates, proper vetting, interview and reference checking methods. Jim also covers C-Level candidate job offer specifics and options in closing the deal and securing the hire.  If an outside retained search consultant is needed to fill an assignment, Jim will a recommend a professional contact.


Jim works with CEOs seeking growth-oriented middle market job opportunities including skin in the game situations. CEO prospects will learn Jim’s proven due diligence hiring system and brush up on key interview skills, create an impressive personal elevator pitch, learn effective networking techniques and proper handling of their references. Finally, Jim reviews negotiating the job offer.

C-Level Reference Checking

Are negative references preventing you from getting a new job? We can help with the aid of experienced professionals and game-changing cease and desist letters with a 99.7% success rate! For “Problem Reference Checking” Services, contact our partners: Allison & Taylor, Inc. 
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About Jim

Jim, author of Skin In The Game, is a North Cambridge, MA native and has enjoyed a varied 46 year career in the retained search industry formerly as Vice President of Weidemann Consultants, NYC, President and founder of Hawthorne International, Inc., Stamford, CT, and President of Weatherby Corporate Services, Norwalk, CT, all of which businesses were involved in broad based generalist retained executive searches for Fortune 1000 companies.

Jim is the retired President and Founder of Gilreath Weatherby, Inc. (1986). d.b.a. Gilreath Consultancy since Feb.2016. Assisted by Diane, his wife and business partner, their national skin in the game retained search practice focused on helping clients hire investor CEOs, CFOs, and VPs primarily for middle market private equity owned portfolio companies.

Jim was heavily experienced in completing assignments for a broad spectrum of manufacturing portfolio companies, and also for miscellaneous service companies.

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